Cupcake Mold

Cupcake Mold

MaterialPaper+PET (empty mold can withstand temperature up to 160°C)

Product lidsTransparent cover

Commodity capacity 100mL

With eye-catching patterns and colors are the best choices for DIY cake. It can be used together with SignWin cupcake mix and covered with transparent lids. It is suitable for gifting and personal use!

※It can be directly baked without a baking mold.

※Suitable for baking muffins, cupcakes, longan cupcakes, etc.

  • SpecificationBottom diameter Ø5.0x H 3.9cm Caliber Ø7.0cm

  • ShelfLife5 years at room temperature

  • StorageConditionsStore in cool, dry place and keep out of direct sunlight. Keep package tightly sealed after open.

  • Package3000pcs/Carton;Carton Dimension:79*37*59 cm

Product Introduction


Pour the batter into the mold to 50-60% full, tap the cup and put into the oven for baking.