Grass Jelly Powder

Grass Jelly Powder

Strictly select natural ingredients, without adding preservatives, and make it into a chewy and smooth taste.

Only three steps to make delicious jelly. It can be made to grass jelly or sweet soup with grass jelly.

It’s definitely your first choice!

  • Specification60g

  • ShelfLife24 months

  • StorageConditionsStore in cool, dry place and keep out of direct sunlight. Keep package tightly sealed after open.

  • Package12boxes/Case;8 cases/Cartons;Carton Dimension: 58*40*26cm

Product Introduction


1) Add 60g jelly powder in a container, then add 600mL water.

2) Stir well and heat to boiled then turn off the heat.

3) Pour it into a mold, let it cool down and put aside for later use.

Add 1200mL water and heat until completely dissolved to make sweet soup with grass jelly.